Ever wondered what it would be like to control your world with your mind? Well, you should, because soon you will be able to, through the magic of technology. ThinkForce enables you to control smart devices with your smart mind.
In addition to creating our own smart hardware, such as the smart wheelchair, ThinkForce utilizes and combines existing technology – brain scanners and smart devices – in order to form something revolutionary.
The future is now. The future is ThinkForce.
While the concept of training your brain to control things may be hard to grasp, the concept of our solution is straight-forward. Using the the data recieved from one of the brain scanners we support, the wearer can "train" commands via our software (e.g. an exerecise to drive your wheelchair forward, turn lights off) and then later execute said commands on connected devices in your home.
Once you manage to control your brain waves in a more suitable manner, the possibilities are endless. The lights dim when you're feeling down, but shine bright after you've had your morning coffee. And while we're on the subject of coffee, by using out colution, your coffe might start brewing the exact moment you wake up.
Not convinced? And you shouldn't be! Hold tight, we'll soon release a dedicated portal explaining the science of it, and, additionally, a developer portal.
ThinkForce met with the winner of the latest Garage48 Hardware & Arts, Genosity, to discuss future plans. It was an afternoon full of thought-provoking discussion, exchange of ideas and knowledge.
2% of us are immune to HIV. 20% of us need 6.5 hours of sleep, not 8. 65% of us are lactose intolerant. Some of us are built for strength, others for endurance – and Genosity can tell you all that, and much more.

Genosity itself is a machince coupled with tests that lets anyone study their own genes... And perhaps, soon, you'll be able to do all that by sheer brain power ;)
ThinkForce was invited to present its concept on HITSA Technology Day, a technology event aimed towards the very young as well as those of advanced age. We are incredibly honored by this opportunity to present our idea and plan at such an extravagant event.
Overall, it was a great success. Our presentations drew a large crowd, we managed to invoke a sense of wonder in the younger crowd and invoke serious interest in older viewers.

We had a blast and would like to thank the organizers as well as participants.
It is late in the evening of April 15th 2016. ThinkForce is formed in Riga during the initial hours of the latest Garage48 event. We had a long line of potential team members even before team formation began. It was at that moment that we knew we had out hands on something great, something worth pursuing.

48 hours later, worn out and on the brink of exhaustion (probably awake only because of the sheer amount of caffeine consumed), ThinkForce wins the first Garage 48 HealthTech event. At this moment, we could also call ourselves a fully-formed team. Even if others didn't quite see us that way just yet, we could and we did. Either way, we're truly off to a great start.
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  • Johannes
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